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Once ecommerce tags are in place and firing correctly, implementation for Cart Recovery can begin. 

The Cart Recovery experience consists of 3 components:  

  1. Data fed to our systems through Vibes' ecommerce tag tracking  
  2. The Cart Tracker App that tracks the state of each user's cart 
  3. Our in-platform API Triggered messages, which sends the Cart recovery SMS message based on specific requirements 

The Vibes Cart Tracker app creates a "tap" into the existing e-commerce data stream and uses that data stream to monitor a user's shopping cart, it's activity and status in real time. It will keep track of changes and take actions for various state changes to the cart, it's primary function being to generate a single message once a user's cart has been marked as "abandoned."  

If a user clicks on a link from a Vibes broadcast and adds something to their cart, we will keep track of changes and act once the cart is labeled abandoned. Once a cart is marked abandoned, we will send a single message to the user directing them back to the primary point of purchase. The application will also stream all the cart state activity to the data warehouse as a separate data stream for query data analysis and potential future reporting capabilities. 

Customer Implementation 

 Please provide the following customizable info via this form: Cart Abandonment Configurations 

ConfigurationPurposePlease note

Abandonment window 

How long after a user abandons their cart would you like to wait before sending them a message? 

Suggested window: 1 hour 

Expiration window

How long after a user abandons their cart would you like to expire their session so that they can be targeted for new abandonment messages? 

  • Typically, this window is 1 day or 24 hours, but it is customizable 
  • Suggested window: 24 hours, maximum window: 48 hours 
Blackout window

Users will *not* receive any cart abandonment messages during the blackout window.  

  • Beginning and end times for the blackout window must be in the same timezone 
  • Suggested window: 10pm to 9am ET 
Text message copy

Let us know what text message users should receive. 

  • There is only one version of this message and all users will receive the same copy. Dynamic data tags can be included in this message. 

EVENT API Triggered Message set up - this will likely be completed by the Vibes team 

Things to note: 

Campaign description

Please be descriptive as you will only be setting up one of these messages 

Active datesKeep open ended
API Trigger

The trigger itself can be anything and is used for the API POST to set up the functionality.

It should be descriptive and include customer name and the words CART TRIGGER – DO NOT DELETE.

List membership

LIST MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED - this is non-negotiable as T-Mobile requires that anyone receiving cart messages be subscribed to a list 

Message copy

Provided through Cart Abandonment Configurations form 

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