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Last Updated: Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Info campaign type (sometimes called Text-4-Info) allows information to be sent to a subscriber when a specific keyword is sent to the platform. The Info campaign is used to enable requests for information on demand. Info campaigns can also be used to enable subscribers to retrieve details such as address, hours, contact information, event times, specials, sponsor messages and offers, etc. The responses can be static or, using Get reply from Web, dynamic.

Get reply from Web

This feature allows Vibes' customers to provide dynamic information to their customers over SMS in response to a texted keyword or keywords.

How to use it

When a keyword defined in the Info campaign is received by the Vibes Platform, an HTTP GET request is made to the provided URL with query parameters appended. The response from the URL will be returned as a message to the participant.

Query Parameters

Parameter nameDescription
PhoneNumberThe mobile phone number from which the keyword SMS originated
CampaignIDThe ID of the Info Campaign configured to respond to the keyword
MessageContentThe keyword sent
CarrierIDThe mobile carrier for the mobile phone number

For example, imagine you created a page at that returns sports scores. Enter this url into the the text field.

When a participant texts in, the following request will be made to your site.

Example HTTP Request

GET /scores?PhoneNumber=3125551234&CampaignID=42&MessageContent=scores&CarrierID=6

We expect a plain text, successful response from your site.

Example HTTP Response

HTTP/1.1 200
Content-type: text/plain

Sports Score Info
Bulls: 108
Pistons: 0

Which causes your participant to receive the following message on their phone:

Sports Score Info
Bulls: 108
Pistons: 0


  • Your site must return a text/plain response. The response status code must be 200. Anything else will cause the default Info Campaign message to be returned instead.
  • Failure to provide a response in fewer than 10 seconds will result in the default message to be returned. Please try to ensure the response is returned swiftly.
  • Response text longer than 160 characters may be split into multiple messages.
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