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Vibes SDKs are for developers who want to have their app interact with the Vibes Platform.

The Vibes Push Notifications SDK provides an overview of the Vibes Push Notifications SDK for iOS and Android, and is meant for developers who want to have their systems interact with Vibes push notification technology.

Topics in this Section

Contact Your Vibes Account Manager

When working with Vibes Push SDK files, contact your Vibes account manager for help with the following:

  • App_ID – Your app_id uniquely identifies the application and will be needed to configure the SDK. The app_id will be the same for the Android and iOS apps.
  • Configuring Certificates and Server Keys – Your app will need to securely communicate with Apple and Google via the Vibes Platform, so APNS certificates and Firebase server keys will be required.
  • Final Push Notification Test – Before you submit your app to the app store, you will want to verify with your account manager that the app is correctly configured.

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