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Last Updated: Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Vibes APIs and SDKs let you integrate and interact with the Vibes Platform.

Topics in this Section

Vibes APIs

We released our APIs to the public so that you can integrate your systems with Vibes' system in near real-time.

Similar to the ability of the Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform to control Mobile Database and Campaign Manager, its APIs let a customer or partner integrate their software with Mobile Database and Campaign Manager. 

You can integrate with Vibes Mobile Database to store your People, Participants, and Subscribers. You can also use APIs to integrate with Vibes Acquisition Manager and Wallet Manager campaigns.

Vibes encourages you to use real-time integration tools whenever possible.

Vibes SDKs

Our SDKs are for developers who want to have their app interact with the Vibes Platform.

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