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Last Updated: Friday, January 26, 2018

The Message Bundle Services provide mechanisms to submit multiple messages and message lists for delivery, as well as to query the status of previously submitted bundles. The submitMessageBundle is a convenience method used to submit a small number of related messages together in a single Application Program Interface (API) call, rather than making individual API calls. All of the messages will also be tagged with the bundleId for later identification of the messages that were grouped together.

Topics in this Section

Note: The submitMessageBundle is a convenience method to associate a small number of related messages together. It is not intended to serve as a bulk message submission, or to replace individual API calls to submitMessage. The messageBundles are capped at a maximum of 100 messages. In most optimized cases, API consumers will see better throughput and performance by submitting messages individually rather than incurring the transactional cost of submitting the messages via a bundle.




HTTP Parameters





Submits a new Mobile Terminated (MT) Message Bundle for delivery.




Retrieve the details on a message bundle.

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