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Last Updated: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

We've added two major pieces of functionality in our latest release, both centered around message communication and reliability and available through the MessageAPI and Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) interfaces.

Topics in this Section

Alternate Delivery 

Alternate Message Delivery allows a customer to request certain messages to be delivered via a second method (via LongCode or alternate Shortcode) if the message fails to be delivered on the original short code. Useful for messages related to monitoring & notifications, two-factor authentication, and account verification. Once set up on your account, it is enabled on a per message basis. See Alternate Message Delivery for more details.

Long Messages 

Vibes' Connect platform now allows Application Program Interface (API) callers to submit Short Message Service (SMS) messages up to 900 characters in length, and it will be automatically split into multiple SMS messages. For carriers that support it, Message Concatenation will be utilized so the message will appear as one large message on the device. See Message Splitting (Multi-Part Messages) for more details.

Version Compatibility

As with all of our enhancements and releases, we strive to ensure that all changes are backward compatible. All of our API changes are optional elements, and we strive to ensure that there are no breaking changes. As always, we strongly recommend that API callers do not utilize strict binding or mapping software to ensure compatibility, as outlined in our API Architecture.

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