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The following methods describe how and why Wallet Item Added and Wallet Item Removed callback events are used, including examples.

The supported eventcallback_types are are wallet_item_install and wallet_item_remove. More information on creating callbacks can be found here. 


To register an endpoint to receive the wallet_item_remove callback, you use the same instructions as the wallet_item_install, however you will want to change the eventcallback_type to "wallet_item_remove". 


Code Block
  "event_id": "5725c57e-f4bf-47e3-8b1f-6b47e532157a",
  "event_type": "wallet_item_install", //deprecated
  "event_date": "2018-05-07T15:27:33.664Z",
  "wallet_instance": {
    "registered_at": "2017-01-14T14:30Z",
    "unregistered_at": NULL,
    "wallet_instance_uid": "ec5035b8-349d-47e4-aef1-21bef2220c26",
    "provider": "google"
  "wallet_item": {
    "uuid": "item-uuid",
    "wallet_object_uid": "j8hddfgu65-349d-47e4-aef1-5ujdf2220c26",
    "expiration_date": "2017-01-14T14:30Z",
    "tokens": {
      "first_name": "Calrissian"
    "url": "/companies/bi3bwNRk/campaigns/wallet/r3zhm8/items/item-uuid"
  "wallet_campaign": {
    "wallet_campaign_uid": "cc2ba6ca-557f-4335-9df0-ee5d3c541d0a",
    "token": "r3zhm8",
    "url": "/companies/bi3bwNRk/campaigns/wallet/r3zhm8/"