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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<deliver version="1.0" >
    <source address="8475551212" carrier="103" type="MDN" />
    <destination address="12345" type="SC" />
    <message text="123857AB12" />
    <transaction id="234723487234234" />
	<param key="moMessageId">6439376297230</param>


Upon validating the request, the server shall respond with appropriate response code.  A successful message processed shall return an Http Server Response of 200.  If the server responds with an Http Server Response of anything other than 200, then there was a system error that occurred and the delivery will be attempted again.  Vibes will continue to attemp delivery of the message for the next 15 minutes before moving the message into an error queue and alerting Vibes Operations staff.  Once the problem has been resolved, the messages can be resent.