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The deliver callback is a vibes initiated request to the client to attempt delivery of an MO message to the client.  The client endpoint should properly store/record the message and then return an HttpResponse; 200 to acknowledge receipt.  The client process should keep actual processing/logic as small as possible, for throughput and performance.


The uri endpoint invoked will be defined during client setup, but typical endpoint is /deliver.  The method will be an Http POST with the entire body of the post consisting of the XML deliver content.

XML Request

Code Block
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<deliver version="1.0" >
    <source address="8475551212" carrier="103" type="MDN" />
    <destination address="12345" type="SC" />
    <message text="123857AB12" />
    <transaction id="234723487234234" />
	<param key="moMessageId">6439376297230</param>