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Delivery Receipts can be requested from the SMSC by setting the registered_delivery parameter in a SubmitSM PDU. The SMSC uses the bits 0,1 and 4 of the registered_delivery parameter as per the Short Message Peer to Peer Protocol (SMPP) 3.4 specification Specification to determine the types of delivery receipts that will be returned. The supported combinations for the parameter are listed as follows:


  • The esm_class is set to 4.
  • The message_id is set in the receipted_message_id parameter.
  • The status of the message is set in message_status. Refer to Sec 5.2.28 in the SMPP 3.4 specificationSpecification for the all the possible values. All statuses except ENROUTE are Final Delivery Notifications.
  • The short_message is formatted with additional information. Refer to Appendix B in the SMPP 3.4 specification Specification for more information on the format. Ignore the "ID" field in the short_message because it does not have enough characters to fit the message_id.


Error Code




Carrier returned that the receipt state of the message is Unknown.



Message validity expired before the carrier could deliver to the phone.



Message was deleted by the carrier.



Message was undeliverable by the carrier to the phone.



Message was accepted on behalf of the phone.



Message was rejected by the phone.



The MDN is not opted in for premium/subscription services.

Verizon-specific status when the VMP does not have an opt-in for the MDN. Not a part of the SMPP spec3.4 Specification.


Carrier failed while submitting message.

Verizon-specific status. Not a part of the SMPP spec3.4 Specification.
1) Not a Verizon Subscriber.
2) Subscriber is without SMS service.
3) Subscriber is unauthorized (not opted in).
4) Content has been blocked by the Subscriber.


Unknown error.

A general catch-all error when Vibes is not able to parse the status of the message returned by the carrier.