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Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform allows customers and Partners to use SAML 2.0 to authenticate users into the Platform. Vibes provides a SAML service provider that talks to your SAML Identity Provider. If you're interested in enabling single sign-on for your account, please contact your Vibes account manager.


Topics in this Section

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Go to SAML Service Provider Details to see the specific settings, URLs, and sample payloads that Vibes supports. 

Flow Details

  1. The user navigates to the primary white label URL, for example: Platform.
  2. Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform redirects through Vibes Security Services to the Partner's hosted sign-on landing page with the service URL (The original module the user accessed).  
  3. The Partner customer renders the login page. The user enters their username and password. Upon successful authentication, the Partner customer redirects the user to authenticate the service URL provided and hosted by Vibes with a digitally-signed certificate. 
  4. The user is logged into the Platform modules that they have access to according to Vibes' credentialspermissions.