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Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform white labeling capability lets Partners easily customize their logos and URLs. In addition, Vibes supports several CSS customization options including background color and selected navigation element fonts and colors. 

Your logo should have a height of 50px.

The width is flexible.


The Partner should create CNAME records for any modules listed below that they wish to white-label.

Based on stylistic preference, any host names may be used for the CNAME records, but all host names must be in the same domain.

After configuring these DNS records, provide a complete list of all host names to Vibes; this will allow us to configure TLS properly for the new host names.

We recommend the following:

ModuleHost NameCNAME Alias
Mobile Wallet/
Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform

NotesNote: In the Host Name, replace partner with your own domain name.If you are white labeling custom applications that are not running exclusively in our Platform, please reach out to your Vibes Customer Success team to verify the correct IP addresses.