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New Subscribers - Catapult Hosted

When a new subscriber come comes into your mobile database through a Catapult landing page or SMS opt-in, your CRM system can receive a callback to an API endpoint. Below is end point. The following example shows the standard format for callbacks. If you need Catapult to call a pre-existing API, the Vibes Mobile Solutions Group can create a custom integration solution for you.


When a person opts out via their mobile device, Catapult will send your system a notification that they are no longer a mobile subscribers, as shown in the following example

Code Block
titleSubscription Removed Callback


How to add data about your subscribers

1. At any time, your CRM system can add real-time data about your subscribers. Please work with your Vibes Account Manager to determine the best format in which to store your data in (we support . Vibes supports strings, multi-select and single-select lists, date/time, as well as other formats. 

Code Block
titleAPI Call: Adding a person
Content-Type: Application/JSON
Authorization: Basic QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ==


2. You will receive back an HTTP code letting you know if the person was added, if an existing person was found, and that your new entry was merged.


For updating, you can use your a unique identifier in your CRM system (external_person_id), or you can use the Vibes person_id. If you are unable to update by ID and only have the MDN, then you can use the Add Person API call, and we Vibes will merge the MDN's information with the existing person.