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Because of the dynamic nature of mobile participation and campaigns, it is possible that person records could exist in either the Mobile Database or the Customer system in any sequence/order. The following logic ensures that the same Person entity gets tied together to avoid inadvertently linking two different people:

  1. The person_id and external_person_id columns are always treated as the same person record and must be unique (the external_person_id can be omitted if it is not used/exist).
  2. If the MDN and carrier_code match an existing person record, they will be considered to be the same Person entity. If the carrier_code does not match, then they will be assumed to be different people.
    : Since phone numbers often get ported and/or recycled, and to ensure MMA compliance, it is not a valid assumption that carrier changes are always the same person.

Person Entity

This The following is the JSON representation of a Person entity within the APIs.