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  1. The person_id and external_person_id columns are always treated as the same person record, and must be unique (the external_person_id can be omitted if it is not used/exist).
  2. If the MDN and carrier_code match an existing person record, they will be considered to be the same Person entity. If the carrier_code does not match, then they will be assumed to be different people (since phone numbers get ported and/or recycled, and to ensure MMA compliance, it is not a valid assumption that carrier changes are always the same person).

Person Entity

This is the JSON representation of a Person entity within the APIs.

Code Block

 "person_id": "AB3423",
 "external_person_id": "542342",
 "mobile_phone": { "mdn": "2995551234", "carrier_id": "104" },
 "custom_fields": { "First Name": "Steve",
                    "Rewards ID": "543557654",
                    "Favorite Stores": [ { "id": "4", "name": "My Hardware Store" }, {"id", "12", "name": "Local Grocery"} ]
 "tags": [ {"name": "POWER_USER", "expiration_date": "2013-06-01" } , { "name": "VOTE_PARTICIPANT", "expiration_date": "2013-06-06" } ]