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The following scenarios are for when you need to keep your system and Catapult data in sync. Even though you use Catapult as your main Opt-in database, your CRM system contains your Subscriber data. Catapult does not collect additional data automatically, so you need to use APIs and Callbacks to communicate between your systems and Catapult.

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These are some common situations where you need to use an API.

  1. Someone Subscribes using Catapult. You will use the Subscription Added Callback.
  2. Someone updates their preferences and personal data outside of Catapult. You would use the Update a Person API.
    Note: If there is custom data you want to store, custom fields need to be set up ahead of time.
  3. Someone Unsubscribes. You will use the Subscription Removed Callback.

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Note: When a Person adds a mobile number to your preference center, and you want to sign them up, you should go through the Web-Based Subscriber Management process as described in the previous scenario.


Scenario One: New Subscribers - Catapult Hosted