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Notes for Dean: Using Catapult as your main opt in database but your CRM system is gathering the details, then you would want to use this scenario. 

(Note: These The following scenarios are for when you need to keep your system and Catapult data in sync. Even though you use Catapult as your main Opt-in database, your CRM system contains your Subscriber data. Catapult does not collect additional data automatically, so you need to use APIs to communicate between your systems and Catapult.)

  1. Someone subscribes Subscribes using Catapult. This is the Subscription Added Callback.
  2. Someone updates their preferences and personal data . Outside outside of Catapult. Developer You would use the Update a Person API. (
    Note: If there is custom data you want to store, custom fields need to be set up head of time.)
  3. Someone unsubscribesUnsubscribes. Use the Subscription Removed Callback.


If you want to take advantage of Catapult's capabilities, you can send Catapult the relevant data about Subscribers in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to take full advantage of Catapult's extensive targeting and personalization capabilities. You can do this through a combination of Application Program Interface (API) calls and callbacks to do the following:

  • Easily keep Catapult in sync with your most current People data.
  • Have your system notified each time a Person is confirmed on a list or opts out of a list.
  • Have your system notified when data is exchanged between the two systems.  

(Make this a Note, not a heading) New Subscribers - Customer Hosted

Note: When a Person adds a mobile number to your preference center, and you want to sign them up, you should go through the


Web-Based Subscriber Management process as described in the previous scenario.

(Note: This is related to number 1 above) New Subscribers - Catapult Hosted