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  • Easily keep Catapult in sync with your most current People data.
  • Have your system notified each time a Person is confirmed on a list or opts out of a list.
  • Have your system notified when data is exchanged between the two systems.  

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New Subscribers - Customer Hosted

When a Person adds a mobile number to your preference center, and you want to sign them up, you should go through the Subscriber Sign-up Through a Mobile Phone process as described in the previous scenario.

New Subscribers - Catapult Hosted

When a new Subscriber comes into your mobile database through a Catapult landing page or Short Message Service (SMS) opt-in, your CRM system can receive a callback to an API endpoint.


Note: If you need Catapult to call a pre-existing API, the Vibes Mobile Solutions Group can create a custom integration solution for you.

Opting Out Subscribers

When a Person opts out via their mobile device, Catapult will send your system a notification that they are no longer a mobile Subscriber, as shown in the following example. 

Code Block
titleSubscription Removed Callback

How to Add Data About Your Subscribers

Your CRM system can add near real-time data about your Subscribers at any time. Please work with your Vibes Account Manager to determine the best format in which to store your data. Vibes supports strings, multi-select and single-select lists, date/time, as well as other formats. 


Code Block
titleReturn: Adding Person
SUCCESS: 200, 201 - person added or person merged/updated
Same Person body you submitted is returned

Updating Data About Your Subscribers

As shown in the following API Call example, when updating data about your Subscribers, you can use a unique identifier in your CRM system (external_person_id), or you can use the Vibes person_id.