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This topic is the early release documentation for the Vibes Push Notifications SDK. It provides an initial overview of the Vibes Push Notifications SDK for Apple iOS and Android, and is meant for developers who want to have their systems interact with Vibes push notification technology.

The purpose of this draft document is to outline the proposed integration steps required to implement the SDK integration for potential clients before the SDK is released.

Vibes offers this push Push Notifications SDK to let you send push messages to consumers, track your App activityinteractions with notifications, and allow mobile applications to register themselves to receive push messages from Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform.

Note: The full complete Vibes Push Notifications SDK installation documentation is located in the Vibes SDK repositorydocumentation will be available when the final Vibes Push Notifications SDK is released.

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  • iOS 9.0+
  • Xcode 8.0+

Requirements for Android

Jelly Bean 4.1+ The following is the minimum Android version that is required for the Google Vibes Push Notifications Android push SDK.


  • Jelly Bean 4.1+

Prerequisites to Install the Vibes Push Notifications iOS



You can use one of the following prerequisites to install the Vibes Push Notifications iOS push SDK.

  • Cocoapads: You can use CocoaPods, which is a dependency manager for Cocoa projects, to install the Vibes Push Notifications iOS SDK.
  • Carthage: You can use Carthage, which is a decentralized dependency manager, to automate the process of adding frameworks to your Cocoa application.
  • Manual install. If you prefer not to use either any of the dependency managers, you can manually integrate Vibes Push into your project.



to Install the Vibes Push Notifications Android



Coming soon


You will use test accounts within a production environment to test your SDK.

Program Language for Apple iOS

You can build your iOS Apps in Objective-C.

Program Language for Google Android

Coming soonYou can build your Android Apps in Java or Kotlin.