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A Person can also be tracked/linked by a Mobile Directory Number (MDN). This alternate identifier is sufficient in the short-term, but it is not an ideal long-term identification method because mobile numbers can be changed, returned, ported, and recycled.


Note: A mobile number must use the E.164 format. E.164 is the official format for all international phone numbers that includes a plus sign followed by the country code and phone number.


For example:

  • U.S.: +12135551234
  • U.K.: +442135551234

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  1. The person_id and external_person_id columns are always treated as the same Person record and must be unique (the external_person_id can be omitted if it is not used/exist).
  2. If the MDN and carrier_code match an existing Person record, they will be considered the same Person entity. If the carrier_code does not match, then they will be assumed to be different people.
Note: Since phone numbers often get ported and/or recycled, and to ensure Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) compliance, it is not a valid assumption that carrier changes are made to the same Person.

Person Entity

The following is the JSON representation of a Person entity within the APIs.