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Vibes Systems and Integration Points

Our Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform CRM APIs and Integration tools let you manage Subscribers and Subscriber Data, as well as initiate messaging to your Subscribers.

The Platform CRM APIs utilize the following Vibes systems: 

  • Mobile Database 
  • Campaign Manager
  • Wallet Manager


APIs: Support Subscription management, Broadcast messaging, and customer data syncing.

Callbacks: Allow third parties to stay in sync with Subscriber and Participant activities facilitated through Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform.


Integration Files: Used for data syncing when your CRM system cannot does not support a real-time integration via APIs. Integration files are focused on Files enable the management of data about Subscribers because , but do not support Subscription Management (opt-in and ins, opt-out information requires a real-time integration.outs).

Mobile Database

The Vibes Mobile Database stores information about Persons who have already interacted with , your campaigns or may interact with your campaigns. do so in the future. It also lets you segment, target, and personalize messages to Subscribers. The Broadcast Entity, also part of the Mobile Database, is a message template that has been scheduled and/or delivered to Subscribers within the Mobile Database. 

The main elements of the Mobile Database are:

Person: Anyone you interact with, you have Subscribed  Anyone with whom you interact. This may be a Subscriber to your database , or someone on which whom you store data.
Participant: A Person who has interacted with a campaign in Campaign Manager.
Subscriber: A Person Subscribed  A Person that has subscribed to a Subscription List. 
Subscription List: A  A collection of Subscribers who have elected to receive (opted-in) to the same type of content.

Vibes APIs and Integration File tools allow you to flexibly integrate and sync your CRM system with Mobile Database either in real time via APIs or through batch files.

Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager enables interactive campaigns, which includes acquiring People to lists, as well as running contests, voting, and info-on-demand campaigns and incentives.

From Campaign Manager, you manage the sources that populate Subscribers into a mobile database. 

You can also use Campaign Manager APIs to interact with Acquisition Campaigns and Wallet Manager Campaigns within the Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform.

  • Acquisition APIs are used to Add a Participant, Get Acquisition Campaign(s), and Search for Pending Participants.
    Acquisition Callbacks are triggered when a Participant is added or when a Participant's status has changed.
  • Wallet Manager APIs are used to get Mobile Wallet Campaign(s), to get Mobile Wallet Item(s), and to Update a Mobile Wallet Item.
  • Wallet Manager Messaging APIs are used to Get Wallet Message(s), and to Create a Mobile Wallet Message.

Acquisition Campaigns allow Persons to opt in to a Mobile Database Subscription List via text, web form, or through an API call from an external system. 

Wallet Manager

Wallet Manager enables you to create offers and loyalty cards for Android Pay/Google Wallet and Apple Wallet/Passbook. Our APIs enable updates to loyalty cards and passes, which can be created through the Wallet Manager UI (

Wallet Object: An offer or loyalty card that can be delivered to a device via Android Pay/Google Wallet and Apple Wallet/Passbook.

Passbook was renamed as Apple Wallet.
Google Wallet was renamed as Android Pay.