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Create Mobile Wallet Message

The following will create a new Wallet message and immediately begin sending it out to the targeted Wallet items.

PUT /companies/:company_id/campaigns/wallet/:wallet_id/items/:wallet_item_id



  • The wallet_item_id is the uuid, which is a campaign-specific identifier that is used to identify Wallet objects. This is generally customer defined, as it can be included in links and used before a Wallet object is actually created.
  • The wallet_id is the SmartLink token for a campaign.

For Persons with Apple Wallet/Passbook Wallet items, the update to the Person’s device will occur automatically if the application is configured to support server-pushed updates (this is controlled by the Person via the Apple Wallet/Google Pay Mobile Application). The Person is also able to manually request an update via the Apple Wallet mobile application. For Persons with Google Pay, lock-screen-level messages are not supported by Google Pay.

Note: Passbook was renamed as Apple Wallet. 

Request JSON

Code Block
"passbook": {
 "notification": "This is a notification"

Return JSON

A Wallet item entity reflecting the new state of the item.



  • An HTTP 200 status code means that an OK result will be returned if the operation completes successfully.
  • An HTTP 404 - Not Found error will be returned if the specified Mobile Wallet Campaign or Wallet item does not exist.