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This is an Android SDK for handling push integration with the Vibes Platform APIs.

The Android repository is available on the Vibes GitHub Repository.

Installing the Android SDK

  1. Click Add Firebase and follow the instructions on the Firebase website. This will include setting up the Google Services plugin and downloading the google-services.json into your App folder.

  2. Click Add Firebase Cloud Messaging and follow the instructions. This will include adding two services to your app to handle app token refresh and incoming push notifications.

  3. Add the Vibes SDK by doing the following:

    1. Add the following to your project-level build.gradle file:

      Code Block
      maven {
          url ""

    2. Add the following to your app-level build.gradle file:

      Code Block
      dependencies {
         // other dependencies here
         compile "com.vibes.vibes:vibes:1.+"

    3. Sync your project in Android Studio.