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Extracting Data Overview

Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform exposes data for customers to extract through Data Sharing. While the platform has a wide range of ways users can look at aggregated data, Data Sharing is great for users who want to pull all data at the most granular level. This feature provides access to event and person level data within a user's personal database that they can query and extract from on a regular or ad hoc basis. Users can securely access their data and extract it in whatever format, way, or cadence they need. 

What is Data Sharing?

Data sharing enables account to account sharing of data through Snowflake database tables, secure views, and secure UDFs.  The principle participants in any Data Sharing relationship are the provider and one or more consumers (Vibes refers to consumers as companies). Snowflake enables the sharing of databases through shares, which are created by data providers and "imported" by data companies.

For more information please go to Snowflake's Data Sharing documentation


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What data can be extracted?

Data Table NameDescriptionExample Use CasesData Retention
CLICKSShows all clicks on links generated from the platformRetaining all click events by individual7 Days
MESSAGESShows all SMS/MMS messages coming to and from the platformRetain all messages sent from and to an individual7 Days
PERSON_DATAShows meta data assigned to an individual 

Pulling all meta data associated with an individual in platform

Including person meta data with other platform events

All Data
PUSH_MESSAGEShows all push messages sent from platformRetaining all push messages sent to an individual7 Days
SUBSCRIPTIONSShows all subscription events

Pulling all opt-ins for a specific list

Pulling all opt-ins for a specific list

7 Days
SUBSCRIPTION_STATUSShows all subscriptions and their current status, as of the last updateSyncing a CRM system with the Vibes PlatformAll Data
WALLET_INSTANCEShows all installs of mobile wallet objectsRetaining all installs of mobile wallet objects by individual7 Days
WALLET_PAGE_VIEWShows all page views of mobile wallet objectsRetain all page views of mobile wallet objects by individual7 Days
DATA_LOAD_STATUSShows when data sets were last updatedCheck for if new data has been populatedAll Data


While Vibes updates data on a regular basis, rare errors sometimes cause these updates to be delayed. Please utilize the Upload Status table to ensure when data was last updated to all data tables.

If you have questions, please reach out to your Customer Success representative for more information.

Please click here for access to our legacy data extract process