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Currently, Vibes does not have a React Native wrapper.  Support can be easily implemented at a native level.

The following sample apps provide example code on how to implement the SDK in React Native: 

titleKey Integration Steps
  •  Implement basic device and push registration to simple push notifications.
  •  Enable association of push to device API or SDK call.  This will make a user "known" and allow for platform targeting and segmentation.  Note:  If you are using cross channel segmentation between channels, the external_person_id must be the same in the SMS, Push, and Wallet channels.  
  •  Add advanced push options:  rich push, notification sounds, deep linking, etc (Optional)
    •  Rich Push on iOS requires additional steps for implementation.  Reference the Rich Push section of the sample app for detailed instructions.
  •  Add app inbox support (Optional)

Note:  Platform accounts are available via the platform for development and UAT testing.