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A Subscription entity is the information and meta data for a Person's subscription to a defined Subscription List.


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Subscription Entity

This is the JSON representation of a Subscription entity within the APIs.




|| Data Element || Type || Description ||
| person_id | String | Vibes unique identifier for each person record in the Mobile Database. |
| external_person_id | String | Customer's unique identifier for a person in the Mobile Database. This value is optional, but if specified, must be unique within the Mobile Database. |
| mobile_phone | Object | Object representation of a Person's mobile phone. A person can have only one active Mobile Phone at a time. |
| mobile_phone.mdn | String | The Mobile Directory Number (dialable number) |
| mobile_phone.carrier_code | String | The Cellular Carrier associated with this Mobile number. Please see #TBD for a list of valid Carrier Codes
| custom_fields | Object | |

Custom Field Types

|| Field Type || Value Representation ||
| String | String |
| Single Selection | Object with :id and :name |
| Multi-Selection | An array of Objects, with each Object having the content of a Single Select |

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