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Last Updated: Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The daily Wallet Instance extract is used to sync Wallet data between Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Campaign Management system. It will contain all of the Wallet instances that have been registered or unregistered since the last data extract.

File Name


Tab Delimited Files

Tab delimited files are standard Comma-Separated Value (CSV) text files. Each of the columns is separated by a tab.

File Body

The file body can contain the following fields as data, separated by the delimiter and a header row.

Field Name
Data Type

Unique Vibes-specific Identifier for each Wallet instance that's been installed.

instance_eventStringType of Wallet instance event. Valid values: Registered and Unregistered.
registered_atDate/TimeThe Date/Time when the Wallet object was installed. Format example: "2017-04-05 14:30:00 UTC".
unregistered_atDate/TimeDate/Time when the Wallet object was uninstalled. Format example: "2017-04-05 14:30:00 UTC".

Unique identifier for the Wallet object of this instance.

wallet_providerStringString name for the installed provider. Valid values are Pass and Wallet.
platformStringString for the specified device platform. Example: 'Android 7.1.1', 'iOS 10.3', and so on.
company_idStringUnique string representing the Vibes Company account.
campaign_uidStringGlobal Unique ID representing the campaign at Vibes.

This is a campaign-specific identifier that is used to identify Wallet objects. This is generally customer defined, as it can be included in links and used before a Wallet object is actually created.

Note: uuid = wallet_item_id.
current_flagBooleanIt is True if the instance is currently registered, or False if the instance has been unregistered.
shared_instanceBooleanIt is False if this the first installed instance for the Wallet object, or True otherwise.

Example File

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