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POST - /MessageApi/mt/messageBundles

Use this method to submit a bundle of message lists. It will queue a bundle of message lists for delivery to the end recipients. 

A synchronous response containing the assigned bundleId will be returned to the caller. Delivery status can be configured as a callback (per message), or requested manually through another Application Program Interface (API) method.

A maximum of 100 destinations is supported.

Topics in this Section

Note: Requests over 500KB will be rejected.

HTTP Headers

X-VibesAPI-BundleId: This is the ID assigned to the request by the submitter.
Content-Length: This is the length of the request XML.
Content-Type: This includes text and XML.

XML Request Example

X-VibesAPI-BundleId: 234523456252
content-length: 772

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<mtMessageBundle submitterBundleId="234523456252">
	<mtMessageList submitterListId="239487234987234">
		<destination submitterMessageId="239487234987235" carrier="102" address="+18475551212"/>
		<destination submitterMessageId="239487234987236" carrier="103" address="+19475551212"/>
		<source address="98765" type="SC"/>
		<text>First SMS content. Reply STOP to quit.</text>
		<receiptOption callbackUrl="" >ERROR</receiptOption>
	<mtMessage submitterMessageId="536986146896492">
		<destination carrier="103" address="+19475551212" type="MDN" />
		<source address="98765" type="SC" />
		<text>Second SMS content. Reply STOP to quit.</text>
		<receiptOption callbackUrl="" >ERROR</receiptOption>

Success XML Response Example

<mtMessageBundleRsp bundleId="b75fccf3-8f06-4d8f-a282-d1886a4792a0" submitterBundleId="235235234">
	<results listId="b75fccf3-8f06-4d8f-a282-d1886a4792a1" submitterListId="239487234987234" messageId="b75fccf3-8f06-4d8f-a282-d1886a4792a2" submitterMessageId="239487234987235" sequenceId="1" address="+18475551212" carrier="102" code="0" description="Success" />
	<results listId="b75fccf3-8f06-4d8f-a282-d1886a4792a1" submitterListId="239487234987234" messageId="b75fccf3-8f06-4d8f-a282-d1886a4792a3" submitterMessageId="239487234987236" sequenceId="2" address="+19475551212" carrier="103" code="0" description="Success" />
	<results messageId="b75fccf3-8f06-4d8f-a282-d1886a4792a4" submitterMessageId="536986146896492" sequenceId="3" address="+19475551212" carrier="103" code="0" description="Success"/>

XML Response with Errors Example

<mtMessageBundleRsp bundleId="b75fccf3-8f06-4d8f-a282-d1886a4792a0" submitterBundleId="235235234"/>
	<results listId="b75fccf3-8f06-4d8f-a282-d1886a4792a1" submitterListId="239487234987234" submitterMessageId="239487234987235" sequenceId="1" address="+18475551212" code="1" description="Error Code Reason" retriable="false"/>
	<results listId="b75fccf3-8f06-4d8f-a282-d1886a4792a1" submitterListId="239487234987234" submitterMessageId="239487234987236" sequenceId="2" address="+19475551212" code="1" description="Error Code Reason" retriable="false"/>
	<results submitterMessageId="536986146896492" sequenceId="3" address="+19475551212" code="1" description="Error Code Reason" retriable="false"/>

Note: Most errors that can occur during a submitMessageBundle request are specific to a single message or list within the bundle. Other parts of the bundle may have succeeded or may have failed with different errors. For this reason, the HTTP response code will almost always be 200 (OK) for submitMessageBundle requests, even when there are errors. Clients should parse the entire response for error information.

Request Element Descriptions


Attribute Name


Data Type











A client-definable identifier for a message bundle. This will be stored on the message bundle for reference purposes, and must be 40 characters or less. If the X-VibesAPI-BundleId is set, the header value will take precedence over this value.




mtMessageList OR 


This has the same elements/attributes as described for the Mobile Terminated (MT) Message and MT Message List API calls:

MT Messages and Message Lists may be added in any order.