Vibes has provided the following three scenarios to help you better understand how your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can integrate with Catapult. They provide example Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and Callbacks for common integration situations.

  1. Subscriber Sign-up Through a Mobile Phone: This scenario shows you how to use Vibes APIs to opt Subscribers into and out of your lists via an Acquisition Campaign.
  2. Keeping Data In Sync with Catapult: This is a more complex integration scenario where you use Vibes APIs to have your system notified each time a Person is confirmed on a list or opts out of a list, as well as when data is exchanged between the two systems.
  3. Event Triggered Messages: This scenario lets you use a Vibes API to use Events to trigger transactional messages.

Feel free to reach out to your customer success manager for more information, or to set up a call with the Vibes integration team to design a solution that would work best for your scenario.